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Fundraising Ideas

We are regularly asked to provide inflatables for fun days and charity events.


There are numerous ways that you can generate funds for your charity or event using our products - just some ideas are listed below.


Bouncy Castles - Hire one of our bouncy castles and charge for use. We find customers are happy to pay £2 to let their children bounce for 5 minutes.


Battle Zone Inflatable Shooting Range - Charge £1 for 6 shots and see who gets the highest score in the fastest time!


Beat The Keeper Football Penalty Shootout Game or Football Shootout - Red Gloss - Charge £1 for 3 shots and give a small prize for beating a certain score.


Beat The Buzzer Buzz Wire Game - A classic sideshow game - charge 50p for 3 tries and give sweets to anyone who can beat the buzzer.


Table Top Fundraiser Package - A selection of table top games.


These are just a few ideas that we have found work well. We are sure there are many more great ideas out there! Any suggestions please contact us on 01507 735235 - we’re all ears!

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Disk Drop


From £5.00




From £5.00


Buzz Wire

Beat the Buzzer

From £40.00


Table Top


From £50.00


Penalty Shot

Beat the Keeper

From £65.00


Battle Zone

Shooting Range

From £65.00


Penalty Shot

Red gloss

From £65.00



Bouncy castle

From £95.00


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